What is BizDo?

BizDo is the way to learn the highest level of business excellence, which is called “Gyoku Shin”.

Gyoku Shin is the Spirit of a Business Master; an individual who conducts business in the spirit of mutual prosperity (in Japanese, this is called “Jita Kyoei”) and can respond calmly and smoothly to any challenge or problem.

Create A BizDojo

Within a Martial Arts Dojo, the “master” and “students” practice together with shared goals. By working in this way together, all students help each other to improve. Within such an environment, each “student” can enthusiastically face any challenge. Applying this same Dojo concept to business, our programs focus on building this same spirit within your company or team. This is a “Biz Dojo”.

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Yoshie Sugai is a person to trust and learn from.

- Brian Nelson, Co-Founder & Chairman at BNC Co., Ltd.

Very convincing to apply martial arts to business! I am very impressed.

- Jun Yamada, Senior Advisor at Qualcomm Japan

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BizDo Clients and their Companies
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