「Yamato Kokoro」The Spirit of Japan

A poem by Martial Arts Master, Minoru Mochizuki

  • “This is the meaning of the Japanese Martial Arts (Budo)
  • They are based on Japanese Traditional Fighting Techniques (“Bujutsu”)
  • Ki (Passion), Tai (Body, Strength), Chi (Wisdom), Toku (Morals/Ethics) and Bishin (Anticipation/Foresight), etc.
  • Each of these sources of “Yamato Kokoro” (The Spirit of Japan) join together to form the road to teach others
  • Many different kinds of Bujutsu practices exist all around the world
  • But Budo is a Japan invention”


Budo to you wa Nippon no
Dento Bujutsu wo mototoshite
Ki, Tai, Chi, Toku to Bishin Nado
Yamato Kokoro no Gensen wo Awase Oshiyuru Michi Zokashi
Bujutsu wa Sekai ni Kazu Aredo
Budo wa Nihon no Hatsumei Zo.

The essence of Biz道 has been most clearly explained the Poem “Yamato Kokoro” written by Martial Arts Master Minoru Mochizuki. Mochizuki-sensei was one of the most celebrated modern Martial Arts masters, Minoru Mochizuki (1907-2003) who founded both Yoseikan Budo and Seifukai Aikido, and held black belts in 18 different Martial Arts. He was a senior student of both the founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano and of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba. He was the first person to teach Aikido in France, and towards the end of his career was also recognized by the Emporer of Japan as a true “Master” of the Martial Arts.

As he says in this poem, the Martial Arts are a “road” for teaching Ki (Passion), Tai (Physical Strength), Chi (Wisdom), Toku (Morals or Ethics), and Bishin (Anticipation). And thus that the Martial Arts teach the spirit that an individual needs for fighting challenges that can’t be avoided.

Through regular practice of each of these Five Principles, you will transform them from basic concepts that you are learning to Principles that you have mastered and made your own. And and once you have accomplished this for each of these Five Principles, you will acquire this Spirit of Gyoku Shin.

This “Way of Biz道” is not easy. It requires great effort from you and your employees. Only a small percentage of companies in the world will be able to acquire this Spirit of A Business Master, which is the goal of Biz道. But if you are able to effectively apply Biz道 to your overall business and leadership strategy, you will create a new road to discover unprecedented success.

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