BizDōjō Executive Team Training

Working together to apply each of the 5 Biz道 Principles to their actual business challenges, your company’s senior executive team together with their direct reports will jointly create a more effective business strategy and develop a plan to implement it smoothly and effectively as one cohesive team.

(Please note: It is recommended that the company’s President or top leader first completes our Premium Executive Coaching program prior to scheduling an Executive Group Training program)

Executive Team Pricing

  • Each Principle (except Principle #2) (8 Hour Program) : 600,000 Yen
  • Principle #2 “Chi” (16 Hour Program) : 1,200,000 Yen
  • 5 Principles (Full Program) : 3,600,000 Yen*
  • (*3,424,000 Yen when purchased as a complete training series)
    Please note that no refunds are possible after contracts have been signed.

Executive Team Breakout Session
Executive Team Breakout Session

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