Introduction Seminar Contents

In our Introduction Seminars you will learn the following:

(1) How the Philosophy of the Japanese Martial Arts (Budo) can help your business achieve unprecedented success
(2) How the Principle of “Gyoku Shin” can improve your Leadership skills
(3) How the Principle of “Juu Yoku Goh O sehsu” can be used to solve major business challenges
(4) How the Principle of “Kokoro Gamae” can help you to gain new insights into your business
(5) How to apply each of these principles through an Individual Breakout Session

To reinforce each of these points, we will practice three basic Aikido Techniques. We have chosen techniques that anyone can practice regardless of age or physical capabilities, and also that can be practiced while wearing regular work clothes.

By including physical movement in partnership with another senior executive, each of the Principles discussed in this Seminar will be reinforced. And through this process you will be able to gain new insights into your own Leadership, and the solution to at least one of the major challenges you are facing in your work today.

Typical Seminar Schedule

2:45pm Doors Open
2:45pm – 3:00pm : Meishi Exchange
3:00pm – 4:30pm : Introduction Seminar
4:30pm – 5:00pm : Q&A, Networking and Light Snacks

Introduction Seminar Price

¥10,800 (includes Seminar Fee, Light Snacks and all taxes)

Please note Space is Limited to 20 Executives*.
Introduction Seminar Terms & Conditions
[*Director level (in Japanese 部長) and above]

Feedback from Past Participants (English)

Feedback from Past Participants (Japanese)

This Event is Approved by the Kyoto Convention Bureau
Images from past Seminars:
Tokyo Introduction Seminar

Introduction Seminar Lecture

Tokyo Introduction Seminar

Introduction Seminar Aikido

Introduction Seminar Breakout

Introduction Seminar Breakout Session

I like three things about BizDō: physicality, practicality and simplicity.

BizDō experiential learning is concurrently both physically interactive and intellectually stimulating. Learners unconsciously experience positive feelings as they move and think — physically and mentally exploring and practising new behaviours under various physical and emotional pressures.

This has lasting effectiveness. The decision gates for long-term memory are in our limbic system, the action and emotional processing centres deep in the animal brain. In other words, these new behaviours have a high probability of long-term retention. (This is not touch-feely fluff, but well researched neuroscience.)
This is in contrast to complex intellectual theory, received passively, which is dutifully processed by the conscious mind but does not stick, as it rarely reaches those emotional decision gates; or ‘motivational’ workshops, which give a temporary ripple of feel-good energy but have little of real value to remember.

BizDō is simple. The most valuable learning happens in simple pieces that bring aha! moments of deeper meaning. Yoshie has drawn simple truths from budo (Japanese Martial Arts) that have meaning and are consistently applicable (and thus are not simplistic) across a variety of business and personal interactions, and has made connections that will bring those aha! moments.

BizDō is practical. It is immediately applicable to challenging, everyday business transactions. Examples and cases will resonate with experienced leaders and upcoming managers, and bridge the transition of these simple truths into practical business application.

And there is one more thing! Driving this physicality, simplicity and practicality is a fascinating and fun insight into traditional Japanese culture and its relevance and applicability to universal human interaction.

I love it.

Robert Burnside President, Empowr Co.

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